LGBT Foundation Coronavirus Update: Changing the way we work

Dear friends,

Over the last two days LGBT Foundation has been testing and preparing new ways of delivering our vital services to LGBT communities, in light of the rapidly changing information and guidance from Public Health England and the Government.

For the safety of all our communities, from today we are temporarily shifting to become a remote service delivery charity. This means that all our face-to-face services will be suspended until at least 14th April.

Our team have been working incredibly hard behind the scenes to look for alternative ways to ensure that LGBT people can still access the support they need. Today, we are pleased to announce that the vast majority of services we offer will be continuing in some form during this period. Over the coming days we will be communicating to you exactly what these services look like, and will be up and running very soon.

We’ve also spent a lot of time thinking about the most at risk members of our communities- people over 70, those with underlying health conditions, and those living in domestic abuse situations. We know that these members of our communities are facing an even more uncertain and worrying few weeks and months. That is why we are currently developing a telephone and practical support offer for those most in need, linking up with some of the amazing community initiatives that are already springing up across the country.

Our helpline, as always, will continue to be there for all LGBT people in need. For 45 years our helpline has been a lifeline to hundreds of thousands of people. If you are feeling worried, isolated or alone, know that you can pick up the phone and reach out to us on 0345 3 30 30 30.

We already know that our services are vital- as much so now as ever before. Yesterday, one of our team took their first remote helpline call from home. They spoke to Carrie*, who was unable to go out and get much needed food and supplies, and risked starving to death. LGBT Foundation were able to connect them with a community food delivery service with a network of volunteers and make sure they can access the supplies they need.

We know things might seem tough at the moment, and you might be feeling like you’ve got nowhere to turn. Our format might be changing for a little while- but we’re still here. We love you and we will always be here if you need us.

With love and support,

Paul Martin OBE

Chief Executive of LGBT Foundation

*name changed

The most up to date information and guidance on COVID-19 can be found on this webpage which is updated at 2pm each day. For any queries or concerns regarding coronavirus and LGBT Foundation services, groups and events, please call our helpline on 0345 3 30 30 30.

This page was last updated 5pm 19 March 2020