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On 12th December, the United Kingdom will head to the polls for another general election, the outcome of which could determine the kind of country we live in for decades to come.

At the last general election in 2017, there were 9.4 million eligible people not on the electoral roll. Only 68.8% of eligible people turned out to vote. Every vote counts.

It is important that LGBT people have our voices heard, and that LGBT people and our allies register to vote.

This matters because MPs decide on issues relating to LGBT people’s health care, hate crime legislation, what’s taught in schools, policy which affects LGBT asylum seekers and LGBT people’s rights.

There is still some way to go, but there has been momentous progress for LGBT communities over the past few decades: victories on equal marriage, the repeal of Section 28, and the Equality Act among others. None of this could have been accomplished if we hadn’t spoken up– particularly at the ballot box. Our vote is more than just putting a cross on a piece of paper; it is a fundamental democratic right.

what you can do


Voting is the most fundamental right we have, and it is vital that everyone from LGBT communities has their voice heard on 12th December. We have all the information and resources you could ever need to make sure you're ready for the big day, including:

Registering to vote

Voting Day Guide

'Why vote?' Guide

Advice for Trans People

Share your story

Whether this is your first or twentieth time voting, LGBT Foundation is looking to hear from YOU! We want to hear about anything from your past experiences of voting, what voting means to you and why you think it’s so important for LGBT people and our allies to turn out and vote. Get in touch here.

Take our manifesto pledge

In what is likely to be the most important election in a generation, it is vitally important that the needs of people from LGBT communities remain on the agenda. We've written a manifesto of 10 key policy priorities to secure a fair and equal future for all LGBT people here.


If we’re not counted, we don’t count. Apathy and disengagement can be hard to break through, but it is vital that we do so. It has never been more important for LGBT people and our allies to head to the ballot box, and you can be the force that makes that happen. If you're part of an LGBT network or community group, we've created a handy guide for organising a voter registration drive here.