organising a voter registration drive

In these turbulent political times, it can be easy to forget that the everyday business of government must continue and that the fight for a fair and equal society where all LGBT people can reach their full potential is not yet over.

A voter registration drive is an opportunity or event to support the people who use your services or are members of your group or network to register to vote.

Organising a voter registration drive is an effective way to ensure that LGBT people and our allies have the voice we deserve. Voting not only determines the next Government, but decides who will stand up for our rights locally. This election matters because with the margins being so close, national vote share is still important in determining the views of the electorate and shaping the direction of the country.

If we’re not counted, we don’t count. Apathy and disengagement can be hard to break through, but it is vital that we do so. On 12th December it’s time to come out voting and #VoteWithPride.

Our Guide

LGBT Foundation and Consortium have prepared a guide to organising a voter registration drive for LGBT people and our allies, networks and community groups. In it has the all the information you could ever need to know on organising a registration drive and maximising the impact of our communities at the next general election.