voting when trans

Registering to Vote

If you’re trans and registering to vote, you may experience some issues. But don’t worry, we’ve got your back!

Some trans people may encounter issues when trying to register to vote under the online system. This is because:

  • You’ve changed your name and are attempting to vote under your actual (new) name
    If you’ve changed your name by deed poll, HMRC may not yet have processed your name change. As voter registration is linked to your National Insurance number, the system may detect that your name is different to the one HMRC has on file for you. The online registration does allow you to submit if you have ever lived under a previous name, however this is entirely optional and we understand that many trans people do not wish to declare this.If you choose not to give previous name(s) or if your National Insurance number doesn’t match your current name, the automated system may refuse your registration
  • Your National Insurance number is protected
    The National Insurance numbers of some people are protected for privacy and security reasons. Some trans people have previously indicated to HMRC that they wish for their National Insurance numbers to be treated in this way. The automated system will be unable to access information and process voter registration for individuals with protected National Insurance numbers

Next steps

  • Try the online system first of all- it may very well work!
  • If it doesn’t, contact your local Electoral Registration Office, which can be found at
  • Ask for the contact details of whoever is responsible for the administration of the electoral roll. State that you have a sensitive matter to discuss about registering to vote but don’t feel pressured to disclose your trans status or your previous name on the phone if you don’t want to.
  • When you have the contact details for the administrator contact them directly explaining briefly that you are eligible to vote but wish to vote under the name you now use or that your National Insurance number is protected.
  • They will probably ask you for documents showing your name change and use of your new name for verification purposes. Examples of this include your deed poll, driver’s licence in your new name, passport in your new name, a utility bill or bank statement in your new name at the address you wish to be registered at.

On Voting Day

Once you're registered, the process should be smooth sailing from therein. Our Voting Day Guide can be found here.

Remember that you are not obliged to present anybody with identification proving who you are or your polling card. Nobody should ask you for this

If you encounter any problems with voting on election day or if you are refused your vote, General Election Hotline is staying open late till 10pm to assist you.

Call us on 07540 705227. We're here if you need us.

If you're especially anxious about voting, remember you can register to vote by post. See how here.