We have a variety of different support groups you can join.
If you want to find out more or sign up to join one, email us at [email protected]

Here and Now: Tuesdays @ 6pm Milk and Honey Café, Oxford Road. Zoom option also available!

A mutual aid support group for LGBT+ people to share their experiences with each other in a safe space and a friendly atmosphere. Whether you’re right at the beginning of your journey or you’re wanting to maintain your goals in your recovery, here and now is a place for everybody to come together to gain feedback, support and guidance. The meetings are held every Tuesday at the Milk & Honey Café on Oxford Road but if you’d prefer to get involved with us on zoom instead this option is also available!

Chemsafe: Wednesdays @ 6pm on Zoom

A peer support group for people who have been or are currently being affected by crystal meth/GBL and other substances relating to chemsex. This group consists of a friendly and non-judgemental people who are there to give each other peer-led advice and share experiences to help overcome substance misuse, chemsex triggers and empower each other to reach their goals whether that be sober sex or a harm reduction route, your journey is yours to make!

LGBT SMART Recovery: Thursdays @ 6pm on Zoom

SMART Recovery is a self-management cognitive behavioural therapy recovery program where you can work with peers in a safe space to learn how to use simple tools to look at motivation, cravings, urges and relapse prevention. SMART recovery is a great place to not only learn how to manage your addictive behaviours but these tools can also be used universally in your day-to-day life.

Ready for the Weekend: Fridays @ 8pm on Zoom - with The Reach @ The Northern

Our Friday night groups are a peer-led space for LGBT people who are at any stage in their recovery and want to engage with their fellow peers to help aid them in relapse prevention. This space aims to offer encouragement, support, motivation and empowerment. As this is our most informal group we aim to give everybody an opportunity to share their challenges and encourage cross-talk and feedback but this is also a great space to get to know your peers more. Hobbies and interests are a leading talking point!

Email [email protected] to sign up!