There is a great deal of interesting and important research on LGBT communities being carried out at the moment, much of this research relies on LGBT people getting involved and sharing their experiences. If you are LGBT and would like to have your voice heard by participating in ongoing research see below for projects you can get involved in.

Queerantine Study

Researchers from the University of Sussex and UCL want to know how LGBTQ+ people are doing during lockdown. Please help them find out how our community is doing by completing the survey here:

akt survey: your experiences with homelessness

LGBTQ+? Experienced any form* of homelessness within the last five years, while age 16-25?

akt want to hear from you.

The results from this anonymous survey will be used to centre your voice and experience, to better support future LGBTQ+ young people:

Interruptions and access to gender transition related healthcare during the COVID-19 pandemic

Researchers from the University of Bradford are conducting research to try to better-understand the impact of any interruptions and barriers to accessing transition related healthcare during the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic. I am asking questions about:

  • What interruptions and barriers to receiving cross-hormone treatment have occurred during lockdown and how this differed across the UK?
  • What is the personal/social/health impact on Trans individuals on the removal, delay or threat of delay to cross-hormone treatment due to covid?
  • What is the personal/social/health impact of postponed gender affirming surgery assessments or surgery on individuals?
  • How good has communication between GICs and patients during COVID-19 and the extent to which waiting times are affected?

They are seeking participants for the study, who must be aged 18 or older and able to give informed consent, self-identify as Trans* (ftm/mtf, non-binary, gender fluid) and are in receipt of or engaged with transition related healthcare (NHS or Shared Care), and living in the UK during the coronavirus health crisis. Participation in the study would require completing one 60 minute interview (online or phone) with me Jack López, at a time and space convenient to you. Your anonymity is guaranteed. If you would like to be interviewed and/or know more about the project please contact me via or DM @anthroLopez (twitter) for more information.

Deadline: 15/12/2020

LGBTQ* UK COVID-19 Lockdown Experiences Online Survey

We want to hear about your experiences during the pandemic – good or bad or both – in our NEW survey! Whether you took part in our First Survey, or you’re new to the project, we would love to have you involved! Our UK project contributes to a funded international study on LGBTQ* responses to the pandemic. Find the early results from our First Survey (18-35 years) and see our re-designed new anonymous online Second Survey for all LGBTQ* adults aged 18-60. You can find out more information and access the survey via our website:

Or please email the research team for more details:

Fiona Tasker and Marie Houghton: and

Deadline: 18/12/2020

PhD study exploring the experiences of male-identified carers and the impact on mental health and masculinity

Of all carers in the UK, 42 per cent identify as male. The prevalence of informal care provided by men increases with age, and statistics show that caring roles can have a significant influence on an individual’s mental health, and how they perceive their mental health. The impact of an informal caring role on the thoughts and practices of men’s mental health is an area of research that has had very little contribution outside the realm of specific health conditions, such as dementia and stroke patients.

This research will explore how the care role is experienced from a male perspective, and how this role impacts on masculine identities and mental wellbeing. This research will aim to develop a greater understanding of how men aged 35+ experience their caring roles, how additional disadvantages may impact on these experiences, and how support service availability can impact on their mental wellbeing.

Using a combination of photography and interviews (adhering to COVID-19 restrictions at this current time – October 2020), this project aims to delve more into the experiences of male carers, and learn about caring experiences, relationships with gender, disadvantage, mental wellbeing and support services.

For this study, we are looking for men living in the North of England, aged over 35 and who have cared on or after 2012 to a significant other (partner, spouse, sibling, child or close family member/friend etc). If you would like to take part, or would like more information, please contact: or visit:

Deadline: 31/12/2020

Beyond the binary: Gender Diverse experiences of Physical Education

This project focuses on the prior experiences of transgender and non-binary young adults in UK Physical Education. The study aims to use the knowledge and understanding gained to create resources for schools which advise ways to make Physical Education inclusive for transgender and non-binary students.

If you are aged 18-25, identify as transgender or non-binary and experienced Physical Education at a UK secondary school, please consider completing the following survey to share your experiences of Physical Education:

If you have any questions, please contact Hannah Kettley-Linsell at

Deadline: 15/02/2021

PhD Study Exploring Image Based Sexual Abuse Within the LGBTQ Community

Researchers at the University of Birmingham invite you to take part in a PhD study that relates to the impact of Image Based Sexual Abuse on the mental health and well-being of LGBTQ individuals.

The study evaluation will require you to take part in a discussion with Ronnie who is one of the researchers. You will talk in private about your experiences of any impact that Image Based Sexual Abuse has had upon your mental health and well-being. We expect that it may last about 45-60 minutes.

The study link can be found at

The team will be pleased to answer any questions you may have about this evaluation. Email:

Please note that unless otherwise stated, the research listed here is being carried out by organisations external to LGBT Foundation. While we have made every effort to ensure that this research is being carried out in line with our ethical research guidelines, we cannot take direct responsibility for these projects and cannot guarantee the subsequent publication of the research that we are promoting below. Any queries related to these research opportunities should be directed to the relevant university or organisation.