Training Module 1: LGBT 101: Terminology, Legislation and Inequalities

Tuesday 19th July - 11am-1pm

Tuesday 6th September - 11am - 1pm

Training Module 2: Trans and Non-Binary Inclusion

Thursday 21st July - 2-4pm

Thursday 8th September - 11am-1pm

Training Module 3: Asking LGBT Inclusive Questions and Having Challenging Conversations

Tuesday 26th July - 11am-1pm

Tuesday 13th September - 11am-1pm

Training Module 4: Being an LGBT ally at Home, at Work and in the Community

Thursday 28th July - 2-4pm

Thursday 15th September - 2-4pm

Training Module 5: LGBT health Inequalities, Access and Signposting

Tuesday 2nd August - 11am-1pm

Tuesday 20th September - 2-4pm

Training Module 6: Multiply Marginalised: Intersectionality in Practice

Thursday 4th August - 2-4pm

Thursday 22nd September - 2-4pm

Training Module 7: Understanding Discrimination, Hate Crime and Minority Stress

Tuesday 9th August - 11am-1pm

Tuesday 27th September - 11am-1pm

Training Module 8: Making LGBT People Count: Monitoring Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and Trans Status

Thursday 11th August - 2-4pm

Thursday 29th September - 2-4pm

Training Module 9 : LGBT Inclusive Workplaces

Tuesday 16th August - 11am-1pm

Tuesday 4th October - 11am-1pm

Training Module 10: LGBT Leadership

Thursday 18th August - 2-4pm

Thursday 6th October - 2-4pm