Books, books, books.

So many good ones, so many not so good ones. Some of us were very lucky to be surrounded by book-loving colleagues with whom we shared opinons and dissapointments of the copious books we read.

We don't have this at the moment, but we can make the most of technology and recreate a very good version of it.

So, we invite you to join The Book Brief!

Dust off that favourite book, finish the current one or remember an old favourite, and using your phone or tablet, or whatever you have to hand, film a three minute review of a book, send it to and we'll patch all our reviews together and put them on our You Tube channel for all to see and appreciate. No limit to the number of books you want to review - just send 'em in one at a time. Easy as that!

Come on! Get those rants, raves and envious reviews in as soon as you can.

We can't wait to watch them all!