The Bi Programme

Our aim is to create a safe, social place for Bi people where they can meet, make friends, and improve their own wellbeing.

Bi is an inclusive term which includes any people with attraction to more than one gender. This includes bisexual/biromantic, pansexual/panromantic, polysexual/polyromantic, omnisexual/omniromantic, fluid, queer, and any other identities that experience attraction to multiple genders. If you fall under the Bi umbrella, or think you might, you are welcome to come along to our monthly group!

In our past sessions we have: made our own Bi pride keyrings; done some festive glass painting; discussed the unique challenges of dating and relationships as a Bi person. Our current programme of events is Bi Talks - a series of bimonthly panels putting a spotlight on experiences and stories of different Bi communities.

Got any questions? Suggestions of what you want to see from the programme? Please email us at [email protected]

Events Coming Up

Queer Vikings - Tuesday 17th May, 7pm on Zoom

Join us for a fantastic masterclass on the lives of Queer Vikings by Historian Eirnin. We will be myth-busting the assumed heteronormativity of Viking lives and learning about the complex familial relationships within this historic culture.


Previous events

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