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#VoteWithPride - The Equality Wins Manifesto for the 2019 General Election

On 12th December the UK will head to the polls for another general election, the outcome of which could determine the kind of country we live in for decades to come.

Our current political context is one which is both turbulent and divisive. However, we firmly believe that all political parties can, and must, put forward manifestos which protect and advance the rights of LGBT people in a post-Brexit landscape. Despite the significant legislative progress in recent decades - even as recently as the long overdue legalisation of same-sex marriage in Northern Ireland- there is so much more to do.

We are urging every LGBT person and our allies to have their voice heard on 12th December, because if we’re not counted, we don’t count. Our #VoteWithPride campaign will ensure that LGBT people and our allies are registered to vote, and can get to the ballot box.

We are also calling on all parliamentary candidates and political parties to be proactive and vocal in their defence of LGBT communities and our rights. Our ten policy priorities for this election set out that roadmap towards equality. These are policies that, if implemented, will have a profound and positive impact upon the lives of LGBT people. Whilst some are well documented in public conversation and debate, we also firmly believe in shining a light on issues facing some of the most marginalised and invisible people within our LGBT family.

With your support, we can achieve a fair and equal society where all LGBT people can achieve their full potential.

This election, please join us and #VoteWithPride

Paul Martin OBE
Chief Executive - LGBT Foundation

paul martin

Introduction by Paul Martin OBE

Chief Executive of LGBT Foundation

10 Equality Wins Commitments

  • Commit to the full implementation of the current LGBT Action Plan. This should include a continuation of LGBT Health Advisor post and their team, the LGBT Health Grant and LGBT Sector and Community Development funds and continued support of the Ministerial LGBT Advisory Panel.
  • Fully implement sexual orientation monitoring and trans status monitoring across all government bodies. Recording sexual orientation and trans status allows policy makers, commissioners and providers to improve services and support targeted preventative and early intervention work, as well as bringing the government in line with the proposed questions in the 2021 census.
  • Commit to the roll-out of timely, local and appropriate Trans Health Services nationally. This should focus on reducing waiting times and commissioning care in a way which truly meets the needs of trans and non-binary people.
  • Support the national roll-out of Pride in Practice, LGBT Foundation’s quality assurance and social prescribing programme. This programme strengthens and develops Primary Care Services' relationships with their LGBT patients and improves LGBT patients’ experiences in primary care.
  • Reform the Gender Recognition Act, including the introduction of legal recognition for non-binary people. Trans and non-binary people should be able to legally change their gender through a simple administrative process in line with international human rights guidance and best practice.
  • Fully support, and fund, schools to implement LGBT inclusive sex and relationships education. This should include training and support for teachers who wish to develop and deliver an RSE programme that meets the new guidance, and supplementary and detailed guidance on how to implement LGBT-inclusive RSE.
  • Legislate for tougher action on LGBTphobic hate crime. Hate crimes based on sexual orientation or trans status should be classed as aggravated offences, and funding should be guaranteed for victims of LGBTphobic hate crimes.
  • Take action on the health inequalities faced by LGBT people by requiring all local health and social care organisations to actively consider the needs of their LGBT communities. This is already required by the public sector equality duty and should be a requirement as a condition of all public funding.
  • Address the poor treatment of LGBT people seeking asylum and refuge. The Government should improve the standard of decision-making in LGBT claims to ensure applicants are respected and protected and ensure staff are trained in recognising and addressing LGBTphobic discrimination.
  • Ensure equal access for all LGBT people to domestic abuse and domestic violence services. This provision should improve support and raise awareness within LGBT communities, encourage reporting and improve monitoring and recording practices.

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