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Bi BFFs: a Bi Programme online Speed Friending event

23rd September 2021

Event Full Details:

Come together on Bi Visibility Day to celebrate all things bi - including you! The Bi Programme are hosting an online Speed Friending event to give you the chance to meet some of your amazing fellow bi, pan, queer, and non-monosexual/romantic pals. You might even become Bi BFFs (best friends forever)!

With fun conversation starters, group activities, and opportunities to chat and meet new people. this will be a brilliant way to spend your evening.


This session is part of the Bi Programme and is open to everyone age 18+ who identifies as bi, pan or polysexual or another term that describes an attraction to more than one gender. The aim is to create a safe, social place for Bi people

Event Summary:

Date: 23/09/2021
Time: 19:30-21:00

Price per Person: Free