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Greater Manchester Trans & Non-Binary Collaboration Day

12th June 2021

Event Full Details:

LGBT Foundation's Trans Programme invites you to a day of shaping what we as trans and non-binary people would like to see happening in our events and spaces across Greater Manchester. We want to use the Trans Programme to support all of the fantastic ideas and projects that our communities have, and form a place for collaboration and co-production.

On Saturday 12th June, 12pm-5pm, we will be hosting an event open to all Greater Manchester trans and non-binary community members and groups to collaborate. We don’t just want this to be about consulting with community members about the Trans Programme – we want this to be about co-producing new and exciting projects between all of us equally.


We are also inviting community groups to have an opportunity to run a session on the day, whether this is to advertise the work of their group, to share a project they are working on, or just to invite discussion about a topic. If you would be interested in a space, please email [email protected].

The event will be taking place over Discord, and all information about how to access and navigate the platform will be shared in advance of the day.

We will share the agenda in advance of the day once people have had the opportunity to pitch in what they would like to see and host on the day. See you there!

Event Summary:

Date: 12/06/2021
Time: 12:00-17:00

Price per Person: Free