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Our response to the appointment of the Rt Hon.The Lord Etherton PC, Kt as chair of the review examining the experience of LGBT veterans affected by the pre-2000 ban on homosexuality in the armed forces.

Published: 22 June 2022 Tags: By LGBT Foundation

“With up to 1 in 20 of our Service users being from the veteran community, we’ve seen first-hand how the historic ban on LGBTQ+ military service has had last effects. We, therefore, welcome the appointment of the chair of the Independent Review and we hope that Lord Etherton QC will be given sufficient scope to make a real and meaningful impact to support the lives of LGBTQ+ people who put their lives on the line for our country.

As the largest provider of Services to the LGBTQ+ veterans' community, we look forward to working with the review to truly understand the impacts the ban continues to have.

I am proud that LGBT Foundation as a leading LGBTQ+ charity is playing its role to help this community too, this week formally launching Operation Equality to provide a national befriending service to those current and formally Serving to tackle the profound loneliness and isolation that many still face.

For more information about Operation Equality visit