There is a great deal of interesting and important research on LGBT communities being carried out at the moment, much of this research relies on LGBT people getting involved and sharing their experiences. If you are LGBT and would like to have your voice heard by participating in ongoing research see below for projects you can get involved in.

LGBTQ+ community perceptions of domestic abuse, responsivity and inclusion within the Criminal Justice System

The research is being conducted by an MSc Forensic Psychology student at Manchester Metropolitan University. The research focuses on the perceptions held by the LGBTQ+ community on domestic abuse and how responsive and inclusive the criminal justice system are when working with people who identify as LGBTQ+.

This study evaluation will require you to take part in a 1:1 discussion on Microsoft Teams with the researcher. The discussion will focus on your perceptions of domestic abuse and how responsive and inclusive you think the criminal justice system is for individuals within the LGBTQ+ community. You are not expected to have personal experiences of domestic abuse to participate in the research and if you have you will not be asked to discuss this within the study. It is expected that this will last around 45-60 minutes. To take-part in this study participants must be UK residents, aged 18+. This study contains sensitive material regarding the topic of domestic abuse. If you are likely to find this distressing it is advised you do not participate.

Findings from this study will contribute to future developments and improvement of services for LGBTQ+ domestic abuse alongside developments in training for staff within the criminal justice system to ensure they are inclusive and responsive to the needs of the LGBTQ+ community. This study has been reviewed and approved by the ethics committee at Manchester Metropolitan University.

If you would like further information or have any questions please contact Samantha Wellock, [email protected]

The Impact of Covid-19: Different Groups’ Experiences of and Recovery Needs from Covid-19

Our research, exploring the biological, psychological and social impact of Covid-19 on people’s lives began with data collection in mid-March, 2020.A mixed method approach allowed participants to share qualitative (word based) and quantitative (number based) experiences through stories, poems and qualitative/quantitative surveys.

Subsequently these findings initiated a deep dive into the data which highlighted those specifically impacted by their Covid-19 experiences e.g. young people, those with health concerns, additional needs, in poverty… However, exploration also uncovered the lack of experiences presented by other groups such as the LGBTQ+ community and minority groups due to few responses.

To participate in the survey and allow your voice to be heard click on the link:

You may also like to share a story, audio/video recording, a picture or model. Please send these to: [email protected]

Any questions please contact: Professor Kaz Stuart, University of Cumbria, Fusehill Street, Carlisle, Cumbria, CA1 2HH. Tel: 07921 388959. Email: [email protected]

Deadline: 28/02/2021

PhD Study Exploring Image Based Sexual Abuse Within the LGBTQ Community

Researchers at the University of Birmingham invite you to take part in a PhD study that relates to the impact of Image Based Sexual Abuse on the mental health and well-being of LGBTQ individuals.

The study evaluation will require you to take part in a discussion with Ronnie who is one of the researchers. You will talk in private about your experiences of any impact that Image Based Sexual Abuse has had upon your mental health and well-being. We expect that it may last about 45-60 minutes.

The study link can be found at

The team will be pleased to answer any questions you may have about this evaluation. Email: [email protected]

Please note that unless otherwise stated, the research listed here is being carried out by organisations external to LGBT Foundation. While we have made every effort to ensure that this research is being carried out in line with our ethical research guidelines, we cannot take direct responsibility for these projects and cannot guarantee the subsequent publication of the research that we are promoting below. Any queries related to these research opportunities should be directed to the relevant university or organisation.