LGBT Foundation has temporarily shifted to become a remote service delivery charity due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. This means that many of our face-to-face services have been paused until further notice. To find out more about what this means for this service, you can call us on 0345 3 30 30 30 or email [email protected]

LGBT Foundation's Women's Programme aims to support and empower all lesbian and bisexual* women to improve their health and wellbeing, to improve skills, increase confidence and reduce isolation.

In March 2020 we reshaped the way in which we approach our work. Our belief that our communities deserve to live their best lives is manifest in our ethos; it drives everything we do. We trust that by coming together we make a difference, and by making these differences we bring about change.

In every step we take, big or small, we look for purpose, and from that purpose we find power.

Welcome to LGBT Foundation's Women's Programme

For 2020-2021 we were very fortunate to receive funding from OGX Hair products. It is through this funding that we have been able to bring you monthly workshops, craft sessions, an upcoming national conference, provide training for public and private sector organisatiions on the complex health needs of LB+ women, and all the wonderful Pride events of 2020. The funding from OGX Hair Products has allowed the Women's Programme to continue in its vital work.

*LGBT Foundation’s services for women are inclusive of trans women, non-binary people and gender fluid people who identify as lesbian, bisexual or questioning their sexual orientation. We try to make our services welcoming and accessible to all; if you have any specific access requirements please let us know and we'll try to help.


Sexuality: What's In A Name? - Thursday 16th September @ 7pm

How does our understanding of our LGBT identity impact our sex lives? We use labels to describe our identities all the time, and they're really useful! They help us feel like we belong, and they help us express ourselves. But what do they actually mean? What’s the link between our sexual orientation and our gender? And can you really tell anything about somebody’s sex life from how they refer to themselves.

This workshop explores an individualised approach to sexuality, providing a space to reflect on how our evolving sexual desires, behaviours, and identities might clash or complement each other.

Aben (they/ he) is the Sexual Health Coordinator for Community Engagement at LGBT Foundation. They produce educational, reflective (and fun!) spaces for people to explore their own assumptions and expectations around sexual wellbeing. Aben strives to empower everyone to talk about sex, sexuality and pleasure with confidence!


Life Drawing - Thursday 30th September @ 7pm

Ever wanted to try life drawing? Now's your chance with a FREE online class for LGBT women.

Whether you're a Kahlo in the making or you've only ever doodled in the margins of your notebook, this is the class for you. Work in whatever medium you like and be guided by Aimee through a range of poses over the course of an hour.


Women in the Picture:The Best Artists You've Never Heard Of

A talk by Ann-Marie Michel

Wednesday 17th November - more details coming soon...

Wanna dance with somebody? We’ve got you covered with Dance Out! Join our FREE, fun, and friendly dance classes, every 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month.
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Quiz Club is on every first Monday of the month at 5.00pm. There's questions, a bit of chat, answers, and a bit more chat
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The way we feel is undeniably linked to our identity and, as LGBT women, we have a lot to face on a day to day basis. Read more

We know that rates of depression are higher among LGBT folks, often increased by experiences of hate crime and discrimination. Read on...

Substance misuse is four times higher in LB+ women than in hetrosexuals, but there is little specific support available. Read more here.

LB+ women are too often excluded from the narrative around domestic abuse and as a result it often goes unreported. More here

The myths around LB+ women's sexual health still circulate and the propegation of an historic mis-information can prove to be deadly. Read on...

We have created and collected guides and links to other organisations over the years. We hope you find them useful. More detail here.

It can be incredibly difficult for LB+ women to meet other women and there are fewer and fewer specific spaces that feel safe. More here...

We are constantly striving to gather meaningful data through our own surveys and by partnering other organisations on research projects. More here.

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